Wen 56200i Generator Review

When we are talking about power production, most people tend to rely on the “grid”, which is a colloquial concept indicating the local power company system.

At times, when a person decides to use a different power source, either for a long term or for a short period, he/she might still wish to have an access to the most common electric devices.

This is what persuades customers to purchase a portable generator. Today, we will have a look at the Wen 56200i model in order to help you decide whether this is a suitable unit for your individual needs.


Wen 56200i is small-sized and easy-to-operate. Its weight amounts to only 48 pounds, while its size is equal to 18 x 11 x 18.

The generator is sufficiently small to fit any place where you might need an extra source of power, while the grip handles allow transporting the machine with ease.






Similarly to many other generators, Wen 56200i has a gas-powered engine for the production of electric power. At first, it produces AC power. After that, it converts it into DC and then back to AC.

This allows it to provide enough power and generate stable energy that is safe for electronic devices.

How much energy is produced by this generator?

  • 2000 watts as a starting power capacity;

  • 1600 watts while in full action.

Operation Time

The operation time of generators is evaluated at a less than full load.

This implies that an estimated operation time is not quite accurate at the time when the generator is not in full action (2000 watts for this model in particular).

According to the suggestions of producers, this generator is supposed to operate for around 7 hours on a single tank of fuel at half load.

How Loud Is It?

The most important question for the majority of customers is how loud the generator is. This is a justified question and a well-grounded concern, especially if you have previously heard all the noise produced by a regular generator. At 25% load, this generator produces 51 dBA, which is similar to the noise level of a standard air conditioner.

Remember that there are several issues that might influence the level of noise, one of which is the region where you will use the generator. In secluded spaces, the sound will definitely be louder just like it is with heavier loads.


What will you need to keep the generator running to the fullest? It is the gasoline-powered engine and regular changing of oil as well as frequent maintenance that are the most important.

If you take a look at what’s written in the user guide, you will find a log for monitoring the upkeep.

It is also of great importance to install the device correctly if you wish it to last longer. Inverter-based units may have different instructions as for their set-up, but as a rule, they are restricted to the following:

  • Pour the oil inside the engine until you reach the fill borders;

  • Let the generator operate at half load for around two hours;

  • Run it at 75% power capacity for another two hours;

  • Let the unit cool;

  • Check whether the oil needs to be changed according to the instructions of producers.

Where Can the Wen 56200i Be Used?

This question is basic as if you were asking where the electricity is needed.

Do you plan to go camping?

Would you find it useful if your hunting cabin had a bit more power?

No matter whether you are getting ready for a natural calamity or need power for other purposes, you can use Wen 56200i generator whenever necessary. It is compact, portable and provides enough power for most devices.

What’s Inside?

If you are going to crack this generator open (but better not to do this because it will make your warranty invalid), you would detect a strong 79.7 cc four-stroke engine.

Although it is a bit small-sized, it is still powerful enough for its category and generates an almost clean sine wave, which makes it absolutely safe even for sensitive devices.

Fuel-Saving Capacity

How fuel efficient is the Wen 56200i generator?

This largely depends on the purpose of its use. For instance, if you are going to power a small-sized air conditioner together with illumination and some small device, you’ll be using more fuel than when you just need power for the lighting.

For elementary needs, you may anticipate about 6-8 hours when running on a single tank of fuel.

Ease of Operation

Unlike other models, this generator is quite easy to run. Just follow the directions regarding oil and fuel demands and use the starter rope to wind up the mechanism.

As soon as it winds up, just follow the package instructions regarding maintenance. In general, this machine is quite easy to use, even though you might still consider the need to ensure a grounding wire.

Grounding directions: On the front side of your generator there is the grounding nut. You will need to attach a #12 AWG copper-made wire. Try to tighten the wire and keep the other end attached to the rod, which you will later have to push into the ground.

The rod needs to be made from copper, brass or steel. If you ground the unit, you will not be at a risk of electrocution.

Power Receptacles

Wen 56200i has many power receptacles at the front side of the unit. These include:

  • 2 AC three pronged outlets;

  • 1 USB outlet (5V);

  • 1 DC outlet (12V) used for parallel operation.


According to the description of this generator on Amazon, it has two years of warranty, which is more than enough for such devices.

Nonetheless, there is a need to make sure that Amazon seller is considered a certified retailer by the manufacturers, because if it is not so, it could influence your warranty.

You will hardly have any trouble with this aspect, but it is always best to check everything beforehand.

Other Properties

Wen 56200i has an eco regime, which allows the generator to automatically regulate the consumption of fuel whenever the load requirements change.

This allows saving more fuel than when using a regular generator.

Parallel operation gives you a chance to get more power when two Wen 56200i models are connected to each other. This is a great option if you need a bit more power but still prefer noiseless operation and ease of transportation peculiar to inverter models.


These compact generators can be taken wherever you wish, be it your backyard or camping site.

They are sufficiently small to fit any type of vehicle as well as lightweight to be easily transported by one person.


Wen 56200i generator is priced very reasonably and costs around $700-800.


Wen Corporation has been working in this segment since 1950s and has long built an excellent reputation for producing power-generating units.



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